Consulting Services

Whether you are engaged in a commercial transaction or a government contract, I have the experience to make intractable problems disappear.

In the commercial realm, I have drafted agreements of all sorts, ranging from trade show speaker contracts to B2B reseller agreements, non-disclosure agreements, purchase contracts and sales contracts, IP licenses, contracts on behalf of a non-profit university affiliate, teaming arrangements and scores more.

On the government contract side, we battle a labyrinth of regulations and precedent.

A typical government prime contract can easily exceed fifty pages and include a dense list of hundreds of clauses incorporated by reference. As established in the Christian doctrine, terms which are entirely absent from your agreement can still apply with full force and effect.

In this expanse it’s all too easy to miss something important, so I help firms navigate the maze.

One of my core focus areas is negotiations on price and terms. With substantial experience handling high-stakes, multi-million dollar negotiations, and an unbroken track record of success, I bring to bear a huge amount of training and experience at the negotiating table.

My experience includes a strong foundation in the fundamentals through DAU coursework with a contingency contracting officer’s warrant, performing several years of synopsis, solicitation, source selection and administration.

I leveraged this experience for over 20 years for Fortune 500 employers supporting DOD and Intelligence Community missions.

I’ve handled hundreds of proposals and reviewed and negotiated thousands of contracts and mods.  I understand the requirements for compliant contractor business systems and can help you design, implement or audit a system to ensure it satisfies the letter and spirit of the requirements.

I know the playbook, I know the best practices, and am passionately dedicated to my clients.

Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your objectives!